It was around 2am when Salome heard banging on the door, someone demanding it to be opened. After refusing, they forced their way in. At first, they were asking for her older sister, who wasn’t home at the time, and they wanted money.

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Stellah was sleeping in the kitchen (a small outhouse next to the main house). In the middle of the night she was abducted by a group of men and was taken to the forest. She tried to scream but was threatened with a panga (machete) to remain silent. They kept her the entire night and continuously raped her.

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In 2006 Pamela was walking home from school when 15 men dressed in military clothing and armed with machetes and arrows dragged her away to the forest, where another group of men joined. She was taken to a place where she witnessed other girls & women, who she described as ‘tamed’, and believed they were used as informatives.



The first time Dickson was abducted was in 1995 when he was 15yrs old. Ugandan rebels came in the middle of the night, beat his mother, killed one of his brothers, stole their cows and took Dickson and his sister to the jungle where he was tortured and trained to become a soldier. In 2007 when the SLDF militia were looking to recruit, Dickson was a prime target.



Jackline was 13 years old when the SLDF came to her home demanding to see her father. They forced the door open and took her to a place where she was tied up and raped by many men. She was informed they would not let her go until her father was found. After 2 days, Jackline finally convinced them to release her – promising to find her father for them.



Selphine was 12 years old when she was returning home from school at mid-day. Her mother was not home, and her father had been killed by the SLDF just months before. On this day she noticed a neighbour’s house was overtaken by the militia - there were hundreds of them, carrying swords, machetes and arrows.



The region of Cheptais saw many young men forced to join the militia and were trained to kill, and sometimes engage in many other atrocities. Abraham was one of those young men. He was told if he didn’t, he would be hanged.

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