age 17

In 2006 Pamela was walking home from school when 15 men dressed in military clothing and armed with machetes and arrows abducted her, dragging her to the forest, where another group of men joined. She was taken to a place where she witnessed other girls & women, who she described as ‘tamed’, and believed they were used as informatives.

Countless men continued to rape her throughout the night. At around 5am she was told to leave and threatened not to tell anyone what happened.

At first she told no one but eventually a few women in the village discovered what had happened, and secretly took her to hospital to receive medical treatment. She received medication and tested HIV negative.

Later she discovered that she had conceived and was forced to leave school. She worked in the fields for money to buy food throughout her pregnancy, up until she went into labour. It was very difficult once she gave birth to her daughter as she couldn’t work and didn’t have any food. Pamela was orphaned at 2 years old, and having no family she relied on support from a neighbour who brought food to her.

Now with the drought, there is no work in the fields and it is difficult to find food. It is tough to provide for her daughter and since giving birth she suffers from severe abdominal pains. When her daughter cries, often because she is hungry, Pamela feels painful which in turn causes her to think of her daughter as a burden.

She would love to go back to school to better her life, and worries how her daughter will go to school. She wishes she could find someone to assist her to bring up her child Belinda, who is now 4 years old.

Pamela struggles with feeling bitterness and feels that her life is not worth anything. Her biggest fear is rape, which is increasing as the 2012 elections approach.

Counseling has helped her feel some relief and reduce feelings of bitterness; she hopes it will help her heal with time and enable her life go forward in a better direction. She feels she is ready to learn how to forgive and accept what has happened to her life.


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