age 17

Jackline was 13 years old when the SLDF came to her home demanding to see her father. Jackline told them he had gone to her Auntie’s home, although her father had fled when he saw the SLDF approaching and was hiding nearby.

They forced the door open and took her to a place where she was tied up and raped by many men. She was informed they would not let her go until her father was found. After 2 days, Jackline finally convinced them to release her – telling them that she will find her father for them.

Walking home slowly and in pain, Jackline finally reached the house. When she arrived her father came out of hiding to check on his daughter – but immediately the SLDF captured him, took him away, and killed him.

Jackline attended the ‘Field of Fears’ training in February. She found that it helped build strength in her – it changed her and she feels free, even though she has been hurt. It was the first time that she had told anyone what happened to her in public. The training helped her to be social with people, and to learn to love her child, who was conceived from the rape in 2007.

However just days after the training, Jackline experienced more trauma. She was living with her brother, his wife and her mother. Domestic disputes caused Jackline’s sister-in-law to leave her brother, but he turned on Jackline and blamed her for his wife leaving him. He then chased Jackline and her 3 year old son out of the house with a machete telling her to go find the father of the child to look after them – even though he knew it was the rape that caused the pregnancy.

Jackline walked with her child in the dark throughout the night, fearing their safety and feeling very disappointed and bitter – in fact, she wanted to commit suicide and was thinking of ways to hang herself. Her brother’s actions had re-ignited all the pain from the trauma she experienced previously, in addition to him threatening to kill her and her son.

But she kept thinking about what she had learnt from the Field of Fears training, which gave her strength and hope to keep walking on until she arrived at her Aunts home in Kopsiro, where she was welcomed and continues to reside.


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