age 19

One evening in June 2007 the militia abducted Betty, forcing her to surrender by slashing her mouth with a knife. She was taken to a location known as ‘the slaughter house’ where she was tied to a tree, repeatedly raped and left to die.

Early next morning, villagers passing by the area rescued her. Betty found her way home but did not tell her parents – she felt ashamed.

When Betty’s body began to show signs of pregnancy, with her father’s insistence, she revealed to him what had happened. He became stressed and angry, and threw Betty out of the house. Betty did not speak with her parents again, until she attended the ‘Fear Management training’ in February 2011.

Betty feels her life has made a remarkable change. She is trying to reconcile the relationship with her parents; she has started her own market stall; and she now feels differently towards her daughter, Daisy.
She used to look at her daughter and remember the trauma she experienced. Now she feels love for Daisy. She talks with her, sings songs and comforts her. Daisy has become a source of joy to Betty. She feels there is a purpose to her life now and Daisy will be a blessing and a great help in future.

Some women who were affected and also had babies had taken them into the forest and left them there. Betty wants to share what she has learned with others in her village because it has helped her so much.

Betty has become a role model for other women in the village who have suffered similar experiences: They have been asking Betty what she has done that has made such a significant impact and change on her life and some are now “copying her courage”.


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